Face | Finger | RFID Device

SmartConnect is Smart attendance & access control terminal for high quality fingerprint/face image acquisition, biometric template coding, and fingerprint / face matching covering a wide range of applications in commercial and governmental environments.

SmartConnect is Wifi and Web enabled device employing highly secured XML based communication protocol to handle multi location device management over web/cloud network infrastructure.

Android Mobile Attendance

We develop large Scale Application. SmartConnect is a Mobile APP owned by Inovatiq Infotech, software Development Company specializes in developing scalable software Applications. We serve end to end solutions that are reliable, scalable and highly customized as per Client needs. We primarily develop web and Mobile application which automates everyday workflow of a company, organization, manufacturing Industries, School, and Collage and makes their Business easier.


School Attendance


SmartConnect Attendance Device takes Attendance for staff using Advanced Method for Face, Finger, and RFID. Management can track Daily Staff IN Time and OUT Time Management and maintain a history of the reports which can be accessed anytime anywhere.

Can track weekly or monthly attendance percentage or similar statistics and get the excel report of any attendance list anytime at your finger tips and Data will Transfer for Payroll Purpose.

College Attendance

We can easily maintain and manage staff attendance through our SmartConnect Device using Face, Finger, and RFID.

Teaching Staff and Non Teaching Staff Daily and Monthly Attendance Data instantly transfer to cloud server. We can monitor late entry and leave Days Calculation on admin Module. Attendance portal give us lots of customized report.

Student’s mobile attendance system to eliminate the time and effort wasted in manually taking attendances in schools and colleges. It greatly reduces the amount of paper works for attendance data management.

This android app runs on android phones. It’s built to be used for college faculty. They are able to take student attendance on their phones.


Hostel Attendance


Absentee Student Report Daily Basis.

Hostel Student’s Daily Check-Out / Check-In Attendance Report.

Hostel Student’s Weekly Consolidated Check-Out / Check-In Attendance Report.

Hostel Student’s Fortnightly Consolidated Check-Out / Check-In Attendance Report.

Hostel Student’s Monthly Consolidated Check-Out / Check-In Attendance Report.

Factory Attendance

Factory shift Attendance to use Biometric Time Attendance Systems with Cloud based Time Attendance Software for Advanced time management of Employee.

Multi Shift management for employee strength Factory require Secure Solution which it will manage time attendance and Payroll for staff and Contract Employee.

SmartConnect Device Face and Biometric Time Attendance System for Centralized Cloud Based Online Attendance with Shift management Solution.


Multi Location Attendance


SmartConnect Attendance Device using Direct Push Technology, Multi Location Company can use our Solution for Attendance management for Staff, Company Can Monitor their branch Real-time form SmartConnect Cloud Portal.

Client no need to Install Server and Wiring connection for Branches.

This Device Build in WIFi and battery Enabled easy for installation and maintenance and Data management.

It captures and process attendance with SmartConnect Software and Report portal.

It manages their branch and connects all Branches in single point.