Android based Time and Attendance management solution Suitable for Employee and Field marketing Employee. We have 3 Level of security, GPS Location,Employee Selfie and Secure Cloud Login verified mobile numbers. Employee can Punch IN Time / OUT Time using SmartConncet Mobile App anywhere and Anytime, Employee can Apply Leave Request and Monthly Attendance reports and Leave Availability.

Instant Dashboard report and Location of Attendance and total work Hours Calculation will be automated.

IOT Device Attendance

Mobile Attendance

GPS Attendance

Multi Location Cloud Attendance


Punch Location


Field Staff will update every moment and customer visit information like new lead, Orders. Service call and valid information updated on Smarconnecrt mobile app, App will capture location and Distance traveled live data will transfer to admin portal.

Kilometer Traveled

Location History

Travel Allowances

Location Marking

Working Hours

Task Management

Manager can Assign Task for their team for daily internal and external work. Based on Assigned task user Update the task status using Smartconnect mobile App, App will capture time and Location with status of task.

Manger can rating the task and Employee performance. It is very useful for daily work activity tracking.

New Task Assign

Task Review

Pending Task


Leave Approval


Employee can apply Leave and view their Attendance and leave Policy , Employee can view Apporval and Rjected Leave.

Monthly Employee Attendance Performance and type of leave

Self Emplyee Portal , Employee can view and download Payslip and IT ,PF

SmartConncet payroll solution system automatically updates Payroll and associated compliances (PF, PT, ESI) get calculated simultaneously. Employee can access all their HR-related information using our SmartConncet cloud platform

HRM Management

HRMS is a human resource management solution (HRMS) that can be deployed both in the cloud and on-premise. Key features include Mobile GPS Attendance, Punch in and out using IOT Devices with fingerprints, facial recognition, RFID, leave management, payroll management and employee self-service Mobile App.

Attendance Reconciliation

Leave Setting

Leave Policy

Attendance Policy

Leave Approval System


CRM Management


Smart connect CRM mobile End to End CRM Solution, Daily Employee activity using GPS and New lead generation,Lead tracking,new Customer Data base Generation, , Customer instance quotation send via mobile App, Taking Regular customer product orders.

SmartConncet is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed for midsize and large enterprise businesses. Provides sales Lead automation, marketing automation and appointment scheduling with Follow-up, GPS Tracking. Help to Measure and improve the team performance with growing sales efficiency, we Automate day to day business Activity in single mobile sales force automation tool.

Ticket Management

Employee and Company work Activity Approval Ticket System, typically used for Asset purchase Approval hierarchy , web admin can set the asset approval team based on department and company management Approval system

Every new Asset purchase will track with in their policy and get served quote from vendor and select vendor and price activity all data will be recored, and we track history of asset purchase for future purpose

Smart connect connect ticket system also used for internal Service request between the department and technical team, work activity time and reason work dealy will automatically report to management.


Visitor Management


Centralized cloud based Visitor Management system using smart connect app visitor can use self check in their mobile using entry QR code. Screening the visor for security purpose through digital check in and check out smart paperless system

Visitor Management is a cloud-based solution suitable for businesses of all midsize and large enterprises. Features include front desk Activity visitor In/OUT, materiel IN/OUT Gate Pass, Visitor Pass printing, automatic visitor Arrival notifications and monitoring visitors in real time Activity Tracking, non-disclosure agreement Signing, visitor dashboard and reports all activity tracks with in SmartConncet mobile app,

Visitor self kiosk for allowing users to capture images and sign of visitors during the check in process. Visitors can record check in / checkout, update using QR code Scan details through Mobile Kiosk.

It helps users by generating daily, weekly or monthly visitor activity reports which can be used for future secure audit purpose.The solution also provides an offline mode.

Asset Management

SmartConncet Asset tracking Manage Check-in and Check-out of Asset with Location and User Monitoring through AIDC(Automatic Identification and Data Capturing) Technology bar code RFID using SmartConncet Mobile app and web cloud platform.

Cloud based Web/Mobile Application

User Access Control and Role setting

Asset Check IN/Check OUT,Asset Relocation

Stock Verification,Asset Movement History.

Warranty Movement Management

Tag-Printing,Barcode Assign and RFID

Web based Report Analysis

Remote Mobile Data Capture using Barcode,RFID

Asset Integration with third party ERP,SAP